I'm running fedora as regular user
and I wonder how can I use skopeo+ostree+bwrap-oci to run a docker image
using bwrap-oci having files stored as ostree

$ mkdir ostree
$ cd ostree
$ ostree init --mode=bare-user --repo=$PWD
$ skopeo copy docker://redis:alpine ostree:redis@$PWD
$ skopeo copy docker://nginx:alpine ostree:nginx@$PWD
$ skopeo copy docker://busybox:alpine ostree:busybox@$PWD
$ ostree refs
$ ostree ls ociimage/redis_3Alatest
$ ostree checkout ociimage/nginx_3Alatest cont1
$ cd cont1
$ bwrap-oci -c manifest.json run
bwrap: --userns-block-fd requires --unshare-user

so what went wrong?

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