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Date: Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 1:29 PM
Subject: [ats-lang-users] ATS2-0.2.11 released
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I am pleased to announce the release of ATS2-0.2.11.

This is the 34th release of ATS2, the successor of the
ATS (currently referred to as ATS1) programming language. The
compiler for ATS2 is given the name ATS/Positats, ATS2/Postiats
or simply Postiats.


The official website for ATS is:


ATS-Postiats is hosted at github:


Major releases of ATS2 are available at:


Major releases of external packages for ATS2 are available at:


A google-group for discussing ATS and related issues is at:



The following packages are included in this release:

ATS2-Postiats-0.2.11.tgz # requiring libgmp
ATS2-Postiats-contrib-0.2.11.tgz # contributed packages
ATS2-Postiats-include-0.2.11.tgz # CATS-files w/ BSD-like license

I have included ATS2-Postiats-contrib (instead of releasing it
separately) as it is truly by now an indispensible part of ATS2.

After installing ATS-Postiats-include, one can compile the C code
generated from ATS source without installing the ATS compiler. So
a convenient way to distribute software written in ATS is to simply
release the C code generated from the ATS source.

See below for some major additions and changes since the last
release (ATS2-0.2.10).




Computer Science Department
Boston University
111 Cummington Street
Boston, MA 02215

Email: h...@cs.bu.edu
Url: http://www.cs.bu.edu/~hwxi
Tel: +1 617 358 2511 (office)
Fax: +1 617 353 6457 (department)


Here is a list of major additions and changes since the last release:

1. Reorganizing: libc -> libats/libc (pervasive changes!!!)
2. FILEref-values are no longer closed automatically when embedded in
    stream_vt (but FILEptr-values are still closed at the end)
3. Fixing bug-2016-10-08, which was reported by Hanwen. Thanks!
4. Significantly expanding libatscc
5. Adding support for stream_vt in the following compilers:
    atscc2js, atscc2py3, atscc2scm, atscc2clj, atscc2php, atscc2pl

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