I guess substituting HTTP for HTTPS in the tutorial URL may solve the issue.

Le vendredi 5 août 2016 21:33:14 UTC+2, Steinway Wu a écrit :
> Sadly, there is a https related issue. I hope to fix it soon... for now, 
> it works with Safari at least. I'm not particularly familiar of how to work 
> with http requests in a https served pages. Any one has any idea? Please 
> let me know. Thanks.
> Ok, in Chrome, you need to head over to http*s*://www.ats-lang.org/ 
> first, when Chrome warns about certificate mismatch, choose to proceed 
> anyway, dismissing the warning. Then Chrome will remember your choice, and 
> the tutorial website will work again.
> On Friday, August 5, 2016 at 3:12:42 PM UTC-4, Steinway Wu wrote:
>> Hi, 
>> Following up on Hongwei's *ats-as-a-service*, I wrote a pandoc plugin 
>> for automating some of the tasks of writing interactive ats tutorials, 
>> shown here https://steinwaywhw.github.io/ats-tutorials/. If you a 
>> familiar with pandoc, then my small script is just a pandoc filter in 
>> python, that takes in a code block in original markdown input, and turn it 
>> into interactive or just highlighted html snippets. 
>> The project home page https://steinwaywhw.github.io/ats-tutorials/ 
>> itself is rendered using this plug-in. Hope it is useful for anyone who 
>> want to write code-related webpages. Contributions are welcomed. The tool 
>> is MIT licensed. 

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