I used this for 
I hope it helps. Unfortunately, it has been a while, and I'd have to go dig 
through the ATS2 source to recall where I got that from.

On Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at 12:54:34 PM UTC-5, theindi...@gmail.com 
> I've started working on a fork of ATS2-mode for Emacs/Spacemacs. The repo 
> is public <https://github.com/theindigamer/ats2-mode> but there are still 
> many missing features and bugs, plus I have zero ATS skills and ε Emacs 
> lisp skills, so yeah, don't go in expecting much should you start to use it.
> (So far, I've seen many forks but it isn't clear which one does what...)
> Is this a worthwhile project for folks, or would it be more prudent to 
> work on things once the syntax for ATS3 has been finalized? I'm not looking 
> to write anything big in ATS myself (at least in the near future) but it 
> would be nice to have proper syntax highlighting as a learner.
> If this is of interest right now, where do I find the grammar for ATS2? I 
> did find a description of the ATS1 grammar on the old website but not much 
> else...

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