>>> "Tassilo" == Tassilo Horn <t...@gnu.org> writes:

   > Uwe Brauer <o...@mat.ucm.es> writes:
   > Hi Uwe,

   > I can apply it as suggested! :-)

   > Oh, however, then I can't compile the info docs anymore:

   > % make docs
   > cd doc ; make all
   > make[1]: Entering directory '/home/horn/Repos/el/auctex/doc'
   > /usr/bin/makeinfo auctex.texi
   > auctex.texi:1815: unknown command `font-latex-fontify-script'
   > auctex.texi:1815: misplaced {
   > auctex.texi:1815: misplaced }
   > auctex.texi:2190: unknown command `font-latex-fontify-script'
   > auctex.texi:2190: misplaced {
   > auctex.texi:2190: misplaced }
   > make[1]: *** [Makefile:127: auctex.info] Error 1
   > make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/horn/Repos/el/auctex/doc'
   > make: *** [Makefile:219: docs] Error 2

   > Well, and the problem is:
   >> +@font-latex-fontify-script{} to ‘invisible’ so that the «^» and «_» in
   >> +sub and superscripts are not displayed.

   > Huh?  @font-latex-fontify-script{}?  I guess that's not what you wanted
   > but rather @code{font-latex-fontify-script} or something alike.
Yes, but the problem are also the « »? I mean 

   > Please compile the docs before submitting anew.  I think @previewlatex{}
   > is also no existing TeXInfo macro (but I might be wrong).

That was defined earlier.  So I presumed it exists. 

   >> +Lastly, @AUCTeX{} with GNU Emacs 25 or later can display certain math
   >> +macros using Unicode characters. That's called prettification. XEmacs
   >> +user should either switch to GNU Emacs 25 or use the x-symbol package
   >> +which provides a similar feature. Prettification is pretty lightweight
   >> +and reasonable robust, however it only provides a limited WYSIWYG 
   >> +compared to @previewlatex{} a subsystem of @AUCTeX{}, see
   >> +@ref{Top,,Introduction,preview-latex,The @previewlatex{} Manual}, which
   >> +let LaTeX generate images that are displayed in your buffer. It is
   >> +extremely accurate but sometimes fragile with some packages. Note please
   >> +that you can use prettification and preview-latex together. 

   > Another nitpick.  In general, we use the convention having two spaces
   > after a sentence ending in a dot and the next sencence so that
   > `forward-sentence' and friends work right with the default value of
   > `sentence-end-double-space'.  So please do that as well.

Oh! Why is this? I use fill-paragraph a lot, so it might be that is
deletes the double space. Any idea how to configure fill-paragraph in
texi mode?

   > Did you actually test using both preview and prettify together? I
   > guessed that you can do that without testing it. So before writing
   > something like that in the docs, please verify that it really
   > works.

Yes I did. Works nicely. 

In short: 

    -  do you want me to delete the « »? 

    -  what shall I do with my fill-paragraph function?


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