Uwe Brauer <o...@mat.ucm.es> writes:

>    > Oh, and "Correct incorrect filling" is not a good commit message
>    > for a patch against auctex.  That's part of the history in your
>    > repository while creating the final patch.  We want just the very
>    > final, perfectly shaped end result.  No one needs to know that
>    > you messed up double-space sentence ends before finally
>    > succeeding. ;-)
> The same question to you (I asked already Mose).  What is your
> workflow, (I don't want to repeat my questions here to much
> crossposting)

I do as many local commits as necessary.  If it takes longer to finish
my work, I "git pull --rebase" so that my commits stay on top.  When I’m
done, I do "git rebase -i" and squash my commits into one.  This is also
the time I do the ChangeLog messages for the commit message by
extracting them from the diff of my changes.


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