>>> "Arash" == Arash Esbati <ar...@gnu.org> writes:
Hi Arash

    > Hi Uwe,
    > what do you think about this small patch against subfiles.el:

    > diff --git a/style/subfiles.el b/style/subfiles.el
    > index 40993157..52bc7c31 100644
    > --- a/style/subfiles.el
    > +++ b/style/subfiles.el
    > @@ -36,6 +36,15 @@
    >  (defvar LaTeX-subfiles-package-options nil
    >    "Package options for the subfiles package.")

    > +(defun LaTeX-subfiles-class-options ()
    > +  "Return name of the main file relative to current subfile."
    > +  (file-relative-name
    > +   (read-file-name
    > +    "Main file: " nil nil nil nil
    > +    (lambda (texfiles)
    > +      (string-match "\\.tex$" texfiles)))
    > +   (TeX-master-directory)))
    > +
    >  (TeX-add-style-hook
    >   "subfiles"
    >   (lambda ()

    > With this, Emacs will ask with completion for the main file to be
    > included in the optional argument of \documentclass in a subfile and
    > returns it relative to master file (usually the subfile itself).

I checked it with GNU emacs and it is nice, on the other hand I admit
that at least on my laptop, this function is quite slow, that is why I
usually use templates when creating a new document. In any case thanks,
and as far as I am concerned please commit.

    > Drawback: This does not work with XEmacs.

Ok, I have in the coming month very little time to look into that, so I
stick with GNU emacs.

BTW right now I use Xemacs just when I need to display graphics via the
x-symbol package. I could use preview-latex to display those in GNU
emacs but it is not the same, and iimage mode, a minor mode, which
displays images in the buffer, does not allow to rescale images. However
it seems that not very many people are missing such a feature.......


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