"Lukasz Stafiniak" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Hi,
> AUCTeX together with `mmm-mode' helps me edit equations in my web
> pages, rendered by jsMath. But I _very very_ miss the preview
> functionality (latex source doesn't tell much to my eye).
> Many people would benefit from the ability to preview jsMath
> insertions, especially as wiki pages are a convenient multi user
> editing and publishing system.
> So I ask for the possibility to preview region from any buffer
> (probably not visiting a file), with a default preamble (and default,
> automatically generated auxiliary files).

Well, have you tried setting TeX-master to a LaTeX file containing
your desired preamble and an empty document?  That should be close to
what is required for your task.  mmm-mode will probably add its own

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