2015-07-09 13:17 GMT+02:00 Egon Kidmose <e...@es.aau.dk>:
>> In `TeX-command-query' AUCTeX does check if the bibliography file is newer 
>> than the
>> .bbl file, and in my case AUCTeX suggests indeed to run BibTeX after editing 
>> the
>> bibliography file.  Egon, what does
>>     M-: (LaTeX-bibliography-list) RET
>> return in paper.tex buffer for you?
> Prints 'nil' in the minibuffer

This is a problem, you should get

    (("IEEEabrv") ("bib/paper"))

Do you have file parsing enabled?  Do you get the same answer also
after issuing C-c C-n in the paper.tex buffer?


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