jfbu <j...@free.fr> writes:

Hi Jean-Francois,

>> Good catch.  I've pushed a fix just now.  Let me know if it works (or
>> exhibits problems in other situations).
> Sorry for the delay. I confirm the commit fixes it, but my test file
> also had
> \begin{verbatim}XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX\end{verbatim}
> and this confuses the fontifying.

Argh, you are a hard opponent.  But I think my latest commit fixes this,
too, namely I don't require that the \end{env} is on its own line with
at most whitespace in front of it anymore.  I hope it doesn't have any
negative consequences, though.  Well, and if it has, I guess _you_ will
tell me. :-)

> You said to exhibit problems ! ;-) 

Keep it going, I'm at the top of the font-latex game! ;-)


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