Hi Colin,

2017-01-13 10:49 GMT+01:00 Colin Baxter <m43...@yandex.com>:
> Hello,
> Has the syntax coloring in math mode changed recently? I notice that the
> exponent symbol ^ is now colored a very dark red, which makes it difficult to
> read against my black background. How can I get back to the original
> lighter coloring?
> I am using the latest git pull version of auctex and emacs-25.1.1.

Yes, that changed a few days ago and this is described in the news
section of the manual

   * AUCTeX is able to display several levels of super- and subscripts,
     each one raised above and a bit smaller than its basis.  For this
     feature, have a look at the customize options
     'font-latex-fontify-script' (especially the new values
     'multi-level' and 'invisible') and
     'font-latex-fontify-script-max-level'.  Also, the script characters
     '^' and '_' are also fontified with a special face named
     'font-latex-script-char-face'.  See Fontification of math, for

So you may want to customize `font-latex-script-char-face'.  I suggest
you to keep it different from the rest of the equation, in order to
better highlight those characters.


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