** Vladimir Lomov [2018-02-19 12:58:59 +0800]:

> Hello,
> commit d86e95e5c2c70cc1be5de85add8fc9698f08c396 introduced
> 'latex-flymake' file and condition in 'latex.el' but doesn't update
> Makefile.in to byte compile and install that file. This of course breaks
> AUCTeX. I attached small patch vs 'Makefile.in' to add
> 'latex-flymake.el' to list of byte compiling and installing files.

Actually I think that commit must be reverted till it will be carefully
tested. Currently with this commit my AUCTeX configuration somehow
broken, some configurations don't work. Without that commit all
works fine.

Of course the cause of strange behavior of AUCTeX can be not the commit
and flymake support but my configuration, it can be fragile somehow so
the flymake support just shows that but I don't know how to check that,
so just suggesting to test the patch carefully.


WBR, Vladimir Lomov

If it heals good, say it.

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