Greg Bognar <> writes:

>> Arash Esbati <> writes:
>> > I didn't test it, but could you please use two distinct names for your
>> > files, e.g. foo.tex and bar.bib, and try it again?
>> Thanks, that does the trick! For posterity, the `.bib' file must not have the
>> same filename as _any_ other file in the directory, i.e., calling `bar.bib'
>> from `foo.tex' will not work if there is a `bar.tex' in the same directory.
> Is there any reason this might be so?  I'm asking because I'm doing exactly 
> what
> you say I shouldn't, and it works without any problems.

This is an old design decision in AUCTeX that when runnig style files,
AUCTeX doesn't look after the extension.  Hence, you might get confusing
results when you have the same base filename within a project multiple

IIRC, this issue was described in greater detail in this(?) list by Mosè
G.  You have to search for it.

Best, Arash

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