>>>>> petepetit...@my.mail.de writes:
>> Does this command, taken from [1], list contents of your Windows files
>> C:\ directory?
>> cmd.exe /C dir
>> (Run the above command in the wsl bash connsole.)

> Yes, this run-down lists my Windows C:\ directory. Everything run in
> wsl-console seems to always exceute the desired result.

It doesn't seem "always". According to one of your replies[1],
cmd.exe /c cd
warned that "CMD.EXE wurde mit..." and started in fallback directory
"C:\Windows". I suppose those results indicate that cmd.exe encountered
something unexpected and couldn't run normally.

[1] https://lists.gnu.org/r/auctex/2022-08/msg00033.html

The behavior seems unpredictable to me. Sorry, I'm giving up.

> This or for now, until perhaps this issue will be resolved with future
> distributions, I'll just have to install Texlive within Debian.
> Running pdflatex.exe from the console and having no preview just does
> not seem to be a very practical workflow. Thank you so very much for
> your truly dedicated help, Ikumi! I still feel I have learned
> something from your also didactically excellent instructions. Computer
> science is obviously not my business, still you never lost patience.
> Domo arigato und Dankeschön! In case any significant change in the
> status quo should come about in the future, I will make notice. So it
> can maybe be use who encounter the same issue. Kind regards, Pete

Thank you for warmful comments. I hope the issue would be resoved some

Ikumi Keita
#StandWithUkraine #StopWarInUkraine

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