On 3 Mar 2023, at 8:23, Thibaut Verron wrote:

> On 03/03/2023 14:19, kaykal wrote:
>>     Tassilo Horn t...@gnu.org writes:
>>         It's not. For me using the current master version, it still
>>         queries for
>>         the keyval parameters (width, height, angle, scale, etc.).
>> It only happens for Beamer. It works fine when using article class for 
>> example.
> Did you try forcing AUCTeX to refresh its scanned data with C-c C-n?
> I occasionally need to do that to get AUCTeX to prompt me for the frametitle 
> of beamer frames, it could be a similar problem here.

Thanks for the suggestions, yes I have done it and no luck.


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