Ruiyang Wu <> writes:

> To get rid of the errors, I have to defer running “flyspell-buffer” as
> late as possible. For example, using idle timer with 0s idle interval
> for “flyspell-buffer” will work. However, idle timer is a bit tricky
> to use and will cause warnings in other modes (e.g. markdown mode). So
> this workaround is still not ideal. I wonder what would be the proper
> fix for this issue. Thank you for the help!

Maybe I missed the Emacs version you're using, but you can try to update
the fontification before you turn-on-flyspell.  So with Emacs 28, you
could write something like this:

  (add-hook 'LaTeX-mode-hook
            (lambda ()

which doesn't throw an error for me.

HTH.  Best, Arash

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