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> >>>>> Hongyi Zhao <hongyi.z...@gmail.com> writes:
> > I see, due to auctex has already been installed, I must test it as follows:
> > emacs -Q
> > M-x package-reinstall RET auctex RET
> > Open a tex file, and `M-: (setq LaTeX-electric-left-right-brace t) RET'
> > Then test the problem discussed here.
> > See the attached screenshot for the results.
> What's wrong? It seems to me that it works as you expected. The round
> parens appear in pair in the screenshot.

You've said:

Is that buffer in AUCTeX latex mode? I suspect that it's in emacs
built-in latex mode due to '-Q' option.

But I've confirmed that the buffer is really in AUCTeX latex mode, as
indicated by the AUCTeX menu bars and the following info given by `C-h
v major-mode RET`:

latex-mode is an autoloaded interactive byte-compiled Lisp function in


This function has :override advice: ‘TeX-latex-mode’.

This is an :override advice, which means that ‘latex-mode’ isn’t
run at all, and the documentation below may be irrelevant.

;;; Hit on ‘TeX-latex-mode’, I'll see the following:

TeX-latex-mode is an autoloaded interactive byte-compiled Lisp
function in ‘latex.el’.


Major mode in AUCTeX for editing LaTeX files.
See info under AUCTeX for full documentation.

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