Le 2018-02-22 06:50, Paul Licameli a écrit :
The release announcement was made here, yesterday:


Also at the Forum and our Facebook page.



There was a bit of lag before announcing it to these mailing lists,
because there were some difficulties in reopening the source code
repository for submissions, but now that is done.

Thanks to all contributing developers, testers, and translators who
volunteered their time and effort.

Thanks also to the Team, for entrusting me with the role of Release
Manager for this and the two previous releases.  This presented a set
of new challenges for me, beyond the merely technical ones.

After two mostly bug-fixing releases, bumping the "micro" number,
consensus in the Team is that our next version will bump the "minor"
instead, and be numbered 2.3.0.

Now, onward, to improve this great program still further!

Paul Licameli

Well done Paul.
And congratulations to everyone involved !


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