Re: Dark Passenger - A quirky puzzle game

Hi Dan.
Having played the demo and followed the discussion in the other topic in the generel games discussion room, I have a special suggest which have never been seen in an audiogame before.
The difficulty is always to get sighted interested in an audiogame, mainly because they find it too difficult, or because they simply want the visual input. So, here is my suggestion:
A difficulty adjustment which calculates the difficulty in the game, based on how the user plays it and how fast the user reacts etc. If the user is having difficulty following the sounds, the game could maybe slow down regarding to following someone. If people seem to having trouble on navigating the map, the game could start giving out hints on where to go, either by descriptions of the room, or a sound source in the direction which the players should go in.
If the player is playing the game without any difficulty, then the game should speed up and do other things to match the wanted diffic ulty. I think you got the idea, but I don't know if this would be difficult to make.
Other suggestions: Timing puzzles, multiple choices which will change the story so people have a reason to play the game again, trophies and unlockables would be awesome. There are a lot of suggestions in the other room as well.
Good luck on the project. I look very much forward to see more development from you. You are awesome!

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