Re: adventure at c stage Remnant V 3.0 Final rC is now released!

Yeah, the chapter thing's a bit of a problem.
In the next update, I'm going to add chapter bumpers.
I'm just trying to figure out how to play a little jingle, then have SAPI speak a message.
It's possible; I think...
Are you in the dark world second visit with only your knife?
If you have the cyberstar, you have to use that to kill the rumbling thing,
It moves slow, so just stay far enough away from it where it can't hit you.
Take pot shots with your cyberstar, and if you need health to continue using it, their's some in the tunnel you came through to get to this point.
If you don't have the cyberstar, you can use your knife, but it's vary tricky.
I hope this helps.
If not, please post here, and I'll see if I can help some more.

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