Core Exiles - Ten Years On

I recieved this email today and thought I would pass it on. Take or leave it for what it is.

Core-Exiles - What did you miss? Time to find out!

Core Exiles - Ten Years On

Hi there Fellow Exile.
It's Paul Cooper here from core-Exiles. I've been your resident Developer for CE for the last ten years plus and I wanted to take a few moments of your time if I could to highlight a growing concern.

But before I do so, I thought we might review what's gone on in CE over the last few years? After all some of you may have been away from the Core for a while and missed out on a lot.
•    Most recently we created and launched Corporations. The ability to create and grow your own corp within CE. Hire your own crew, using your own ships and develop a business within the game to complement your play style, or simply for the bragging rights smile
•    Prior to that over the last few years we have added Core-Exiles Buddies, they have collected nearly a Million units of resource already for their captains. Deployed Commercial builds to Genesis Deployments increasing their overall manufacturing range.
•    CE Reached the point where it could start the AI Genesis War Deployment campaign. Already taking back a planet from the ever present A.I.
•    Programs like the Reward Collection Program were started giving players access to old Olympic items over time. The A.R.C Project was created.
•    We celebrated our Tenth Anniversary with a month long Party, BBQ and so many giveaways I'm still looking for the kitchen sink!
•    We launched the Ship Training Program. Created three new Genesis Programs thanks to the in game support of players. This in turn expanded the number of Genesis Deployments and bolstered the AI war effort.
•    We expanded the 'Account Add-ons' to over 30 track-able upgrades!
•    Created our First of many 'Coops Challenges' again giving away so much in the way of in game goodies my head started to spin smile
•    The game saw the advent of the Research Academy and the Exiles Foundry replacing the outdated crystal crafting. So far allowing for 691 items to be player created.
•    Nebula Service Advanced Management was added expanding the options for those using the Mining Drones.
•    Project Tartarus Completed and Settlement Bunkers were added bringing a great expansion to settlements and bringing the number of settlement buildings up to 261!
•    On the subject of Settlements we released the Settlement Event system. Since doing so 38,781 events have been triggered and dealt with by your settlement crew.
•    During that time 381 Player made ships have been crafted and thanks to the Crazy Ivan Family 'Pimp Your Ship' business coming into being over 100 of those have since been 'pimped'.
•    We added Maintenance to the Worm Hole Anchor systems to ensure that everyone can gain access to the Anchor system.

One of the most impressive facts I feel is that CE now stands at 8,335 in game items with 3,360 craft-able schematics. Plus we retooled the loot system for mining and combat increasing the total amount of in game commodities and resources to a staggering 658!

During the last two years we upgraded both Live and Development Servers and even moved over to Discord Recently to bring a fresh breathe of life to the CE community Chat.

Finally we should mention that we still stand strong at an average of over 200 Settlements deployed and active and players have been stockpiling Star-base Hubs for a while now ready for the next stage in CE's Evolution.

But Evolution comes at a cost....

For the last Ten Years the income for Core-Exiles has predominantly been through the support of its players. We set up a Support store in the early days that has grown with the game.

For the most part we have been lucky that our players (you) have been willing and able to show your support and aid in the growth and day to day running costs of CE.

We run top tier Live and Development servers and pay out for advertising each month with various well known advertising agencies. The later is a constant drain on finances, but one that is a necessary evil.

Sadly how ever...

This last quarter we have seen a steep decline in the support for Core-exiles on a monetary level. This has left us slowly draining the coffers and decreasing our advertising revenue with each month.

Prev and I are savvy enough to understand that not everyone can afford to spend out on a browser game each month, but this month sadly only Five players 'so far' have decided to show their support for the game. That's an all time low.

This won't cause the game to fold, as we will always find ways to fund the servers themselves, this does however mean that expansions, development and advertising plummet off the edge till normal support is resumed.

We are not expecting players to constantly support day in day out. But we do ask that you give the game that many of you obviously enjoy a thought from time to time and spare what you can afford to help support its future.

Core-Exiles has been around for the last Ten years and with your support will outlast another ten.

Below is a link to the Store where you can show your support. Also don't forget if your creating a new account don't forget to contact me in game and claim your FREE C.E.S extractor of your choice.

This is Coops signing off.

Core-Exiles Official Store

Also, here is the included link for the CE store.

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