the redspot handbook of death and distruction

wellcome to redspot! This guide will try to explain in all detail the mechanics of redspot and how it works. Note:  There are also details on how to use all of the weapons and items in this game. If you want to find that out for yourself, I suggest you skip the weapons and items mechanics section. This guide will be updated as needed to reflect changes and&or additions.
1: what is this game even supposed to be?
Redspot is not actually a tettris game where you attempt to catch red dots falling down the screen, nore is it a painting program. It is a new fps released by Sam Tupy productions and ultrocity audio together. For people    who enjoy senseless killing and distruction, this is the right game for you. It basically consists of running around the map murdering your fellow human beings in a number of diverse and possibly very painful ways.
2: account system
Since a lot of people got confused on how accounts work, I will be outlining this h ere.There is no actual account system. You simply choose a name and log in with it. Character theft is not  an ishew in this game, as characters lose all their items and ammo when they die or log out.
3: game basics
a: movement
Redspot is one of the few games that supports full on 3d movement. That is, a full 360 degrees walk around system plus a height system.
The current map of redspot consists of an empty area in the south half, really nothing much to speak about. There is a small body of water in the south west area, with a bridge going across it, you can also walk under the bridge. The north half of the map is a forest, unfortunately no trees to blow up by accident. At coordinates 460, 460, there is a tower which is climbable. There is some surface area to walk around on as well. Be careful because there are no echo steps as in many other games with plattforms, so use your camra as much as you can.
Movement keys.
move forward: up arrow
move backward: down arrow
climb: page up or page down.
move right: right arrow
Move left: left arrow
turn left: hold shift q
turn right: hold shift e
turn to previous left 45 degree angle: q
turn to next right 45 degree angle: e
check coordinates: c
check direction facing: f
use camra: hold g, then move the camra by using the arrow keys and page up/down.
check tile camra is on     g
4: misc keys.
the function row can give you other information.
show players online: f1. Gives you a list of players online at the moment, as well as their kills.
Check server uptime: f2.
test ping the server: f3. Sends a test ping. When it returns, you will be told how long it took to return.
check motd: f4.
decreese/encreese sapi rate: f5 and f6.
enable/disable chat reading: f7.
enable/disable online or offline messages: f8.
decreese/encreese game volume: home or end
5: other play ers and killing them.
5.1: general information.
if you want to kill someone, in most cases enough players are around for you to do so. These keys will help you find players and eradicate them. Strategy and what weapon you are using playes an important role in your survival. This however also diskusses player interaction and how to talk to your killers. You'll also need to know what's around you to find items.
Voice chat: hold down v then talk
check items near you: m
review current buffer: comma and dot. This allows you to review messages in your current buffer.
Jump to beginning&end of current buffer: shift+comma or dot. Allows you to jump to the beginning or end of the currently selected buffer.
open chat console: slash. From here, you can enter a message for the other players to read, or use one of these commands.
/afk: after a timer of 5 seconds, you will go a f k. In this mode, you won't be able to do anything, but you a lso can't be hit. Type /afk again to exit this mode. Note: use of this mode while using items that stun you while they load, being tazed or in a jet is not recommended for your own personal health.
/t <message>: sends a message to your team.
/teamadd <personname>: adds a player to your team. People in your team, and who have added you to theirs, can't attack each other. If you add someone to your team, you will automatically add everyone  else in their team.
/teamremove <personname>: removes a player from your team.
check ammo in current weapon, if it uses ammo: a.
check health and shielded shots, if you have any: h
Check your air supply: r.
use item in inventory: enter.
cycle inventory: tab and shift+tab. Hold down to cycle faster.
track player: t. After a player is tracked, you can always know where they are in relation to you. You will hear what direction they are, how far away they are, and what coordi nates they are at.
check tracked player location: o or w. This will allow you to hear the information described above. If they are near enough, a beep sound will play at their location.
check players near you: p. Tells you where any players are in relation to you, if they are close enough.
go to previous&next buffer: left and right bracket. Cycles between the buffers all, chat, and misc.
select weapons 1 through backspace. Equips one of your starting weapons
fire weapon: control. Fires currently selected weapon.
Jump: space. Jumping is a faster way of getting around or away, and it can protect you from some weapons, though not all of them.
5.2: starting weapons
These 13 weapons are the weapons you start with. Most have a limmited ammo supply, which can be replenished by collecting ammo from items.
a: the knife. This knife is suitable for close combat only. It fires fast but does little damage.
b: the hammer. This second melee we apon is useful for longer ranged melee combat. It fires slower but does more damage than the knife
c: throwing knives. Throwing knives can be throan at a fast speed and have a good range. If a laser or machinegun is out of ammo, they can be used to bring down shields from a bit of a distance. You start with 20 knives.
d: The crossbow: Another fast fireing weapon, the crossbow is also suitable to bring down shields, shooting bullet bombs or destroying projectiles. It starts with 45 ammo and It does little damage, so killing robots or other players is not too recommended.
e: the taser. This weapon does little damage and must be recharged for a few seconds before being usable again. However if a taser shot hits someone, they will be stunned for a time. The taser has unlimmited ammo.
f: the laser. The laser fires quickly, does little damage but starts with 20 ammo. It is useful for bringing down shields or killing robots.
g: the handgun. The handgun starts with 35 ammo. Fires a little slower than the laser but also does more damage at an encreesed range.
h: the rifle. The rifle is this game's sniper rifle. It starts with 50 ammo, and as long as the player who you are trying to snipe is straight in front or only one tile to the left or right of you, it will hit up to about 250 tiles away. If you hit someone with the rifle, a beep sound will play.
i: the shotgun. The shotgun starts with 10 ammo. It has a shorter range and fires very slowly, however it is very damaging and has spread range. If someone is one foot away from you straight in front, they can also be up to 7 feat to the right or left and your shot will still hit. This spread range decreeses as you shoot further away from the target.
j: the machine gun. The machine gun is a weapon very suited to bring down shields or kill robots, as it combines fast fireing speed with good range and good damage for a fast fireing weapon. It starts with 75 ammo.
k: The siani de pistol. The sianide pistol doesn't have the greatest range, fireing speed or greatest starting ammo with only 15, but its effects can be devistating if you use it well. If a person is shot by the sianide pistol, they will start taking damage, regardless if they are wearing shields or not. This effect stacks, so being shot again deals more damage over time. Gas masks and air tanks counter this.
l: the flame thrower. The flame thrower starts with 30 ammo. it is short ranged however it's fast and quite damaging.
m: the rocket launcher. The rocket launcher starts with 3 ammo. It ignores shields. Aiming the rocket launcher works simmular to the rifle. I believe it has a range of 100 feat forward, and yyou can be a bit more leenient with aiming with the rocket launcher than with the rifle. It's enough if the target is in front and slightly or very slightly off in either direction. As soon as you fire the rocket will be launched at the target's position. Ro ckets have a bit of a blast radius so getting away will proove a bit difficult. It is extremely damaging if it hits however. Note that You can also be hit by the rocket explosion so don't get too close to it.
As you can see, most of these weapons have their own strengths and weaknesses so it's up to you which weapons you want to use.
6: items
There are a lot of items in this game, I will try to explain how they all work. Note: almost all of the items on this list will also damage you if you get too close to the use site.
a: ammo, beneficial item. When you pick this up you will randomly receive ammo for one of your starting weapons.
b: extra health, beneficial item. This can be collected in two ways, extra health which is an emmidiate health boost or stored health which is an item in the inventory which can give you a health boost when you need it.
c: stored quad, buf. This quad damage can be activated at any time, and it gives you a 30 second status effect which makes all your starting weapons do four times normal damage.
d: grenades, thrown explosive. Probably the simplest of all the damaging items. Simply press enter on one in your inventory and it will be throan straight forward. if it hits a player, it will damage that player.
e: mines, placed explosive, motion triggered. When you place a mine, it will always be placed one foot north of your position. Remember this when walking away from it, as it is very possible to get exploded by your own mine! They don't make any noise, and as soon as someone steps on it it will detonate and damage the player.
f: timebombs, placed explosive, timed. Timebombs are placed at your current location and will detonate as soon as the timer runs out. The timer is audible, but get away from it as fast as you can, as this explosion does not differenciate between friend or foe!
g: motion bombs, placed explosive, timed, motion triggered. As soon as a motion bomb is pl aced, it will start counting down for 15 seconds. After the countdown is complete, if there is something within 15 feat of the bomb, it will explode after a three second timer.
h: pipe bombs, thrown explosive, timed. Pipe bombs are armed and throan. They have quite a lot of throw range. and 3 seconds after they land they will explode, damaging anyone near them.
i: small projectiles. These projectiles are launched and home in on the nearest player. They can't go through shields but they do good damage if they hit someone. Note: Small projectiles can be shot down. They will run out of fuel and fall to the ground if they are active for too long. There are several of these.
I: Small projectile, launched, homing, shootable. This projectile simply does damage to the person it hits.
II: Poisoned small projectile, launched, homing, debuffing, shootable. This version of the small projectile poisons the target like a poison dart would.
III: Tazing small projecti le, launched, homing, debuffing, shootable. This version of the small projectile stuns the target for 10 seconds much like a tazer would.
IV: tazing poisoned small projectile, launched, homing, debuffing, shootable. This version of the small projectile poisons the target as well as stunning it for 10 seconds.
j: claymores, placed explosive, remote activated: Claymores are set up and they will remain untill you set them off or you die. When you die, all claymores are cleared. To detonate a claymore, simply use a claymore remote, which is another item. The remote will detonate one claymore per use, starting from the first placed to the newest. A claymore has a range of 30 feat in any direction so make sure you're far away from it before detonating. Note: If you pick up a claymore remote and you already have one in your inventory, it will be replaced by a claymore instead.
k: item grabbers, stunning. Warning! Item grabbers are very loud. They are pressurized, which takes a long time then fired, transporting a great many items to your location. While the item grabber pressurizes, you will be stunned and unable to do anything.
l: robots, stunning, launched, homing, shootable. Robots can be launched. While you are giving orders to it, you will be stunned and unable to do anything. The robot will run to the nearest player it finds and will start shooting them. Robots can be destroyed by shooting at them. Note: Robots have a battery life of five minutes, after which they will simply die.
m: bullet bombs, placed explosive, shootable. When you use a bullet bomb, you will spend some time placing it, mixing chemmacles and programming the bullet bomb's detonator. This is the only stunning item that does not notify everyone that you've started to use it. To detonate the bullet bomb, shoot it with a long ranged weapon and it will explode. They start with 500 health and can set off chain reactions if placed close enough together. they h ave a short explosion radius but usually one-hit kill anyone who is too close, unless they have a lot of health. Note: Bullet bomb locators can be used to find any bullet bombs you may have placed. Bullet bombs do not get wiped if you die. If you receive a bullet bomb locator and you already have one, it will be replaced by a bullet bomb instead.
n: poison darts, thrown, debuffing. They are throan straight in front of you and who ever they hit will be poisoned. The poison can be cured by poison drinks, which also give you some health. Poison will go away after you die, you cure it, or it leaves your system. Poison darts are blocked by shields.
n: sticky bombs, thrown explosive, sticky. A sticky bomb is throan straight in front and will hit the next person close enough. From what I've observed, they don't have a lot of range, but they will explode on the person they are on after five seconds, unless that person jumps around enough to throw it off, and then they st ill have an explosion radius of 7 tiles. Their damage isn't too good though.
o: shields, beneficial item. When you equip a shield, you will randomly gain between one and 15 shielded shots. When you have shielded shots, you will be safe from all starting weapon hits accept rockets and sianide pistols. You are also safe from grenades, robot shots, projectiles and poison darts.
p: invisibility shields, buf. The effect of these shields is stackable. When used, it will add 30 seconds to your invisibillity timer which will hide you from the p key  as well as player tracking.
q: jets, vehicl, shootable. To pilot the jet, you press enter on the jet in the inventory and then press enter again to launch it. Now you'll be in the air not really going anywhere, so you can encreese your speed from 0 neutral to 3 max speed with the up arrow, which will send you going in the direction the jet is facing which will always be north at the beginning regardless of your cha racter's direction facing. You can decreese the speed with down arrow or go into reverse also from 0 to 3. You turn 90 degrees with the right arrows and fire your bombs, of which you have an unlimmited amount with space. They hit in a range of 5 feat. If you have them, and if you have a right alt key you can fire missiles with right alt +m. they hit in a range of 15 feat.
r: Suicide bombs, placed explosive. Suicide bombs go off almost right after you've placed them, and will cause 1000 damage to anyone near it. Because of the short time it takes to explode, there's no hope of yourself getting away.
s: Fireballs, thrown, homing. When you throw a fireball and it hits a player, it will keep following that player until the player dies or the fireball goes out. They go through shields and hp quite quickly, and there's no way to destroy them. If no player is at the location you threw the fireball, it will simply do nothing.
t: Gas masks, buf. A gas mask can protect you from the effects of sianide as long as it contains air to breathe. If you have a gas mask on sianide pistols won't have any affect on  you.
u: Air tanks, beneficial item. Air tanks are used to get breathable air for your gas masks.
v: Mass bombs, placed explosive, timed. Mas bombs deal a huge amount of damage to anyone in the area, and plazing them is relativly quiet compaired to most other placed explosives. Their range is quite high so the best use for them is to place them during a loud fight or robot battle.
w: Antibiotics, beneficial item. Antibiotics give a little health, but as I said, little health. It really isn't much.
x: Antibiotic darts, thrown, beneficial item. These can be used to heal people on your team, they won't work on anyone else.
y: Candy, buf. Candies provide you with a boost of speed that only works when running, not jumping, for 30 seconds. You can only use one of these at once.
z: Rocket batt eries, stunning, launched. A rocket battery takes around three seconds to power up, then it will launch five rockets. One back, one left, one right, and two in front.

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