The Blinfold Racer Championship 2016

Some of you may have seen this on Audyssey, but for those who don't know, there is gonna be a championship for Blindfold Racer. This will be the first ever of its kind. So, why not join in and practice while you can? The tournament goes October 1st through October 15, and once you register and pay the registration fee of just $1, you'll have unlimited access to the game through all of September. Once gamedays start, however, the games you play go live, and you're competing via scores. So, before all this starts, you'll have an opportunity to play through all 65 levels, and those are all the levels you'll be seeing in the tournament. So, with that said, Register for the Blindfold Racer Championship by downloading Blindfold Racer from this link: … 67885?mt=8
And make sure you include my username, which is JACKF5386IL, so that we both get $1 in Blindfold Games credit when you complete your registration.
That's right, there is a referral program, and you can earn up to $25 in credit based on how many people who refer. Once those people refer and pay the registration fee, credit is accumulated for each person. For example, if someone registers with my username above, we both get 1 credit. And you'll get $2 in credit when you pay the registration fee immediately. If you want to wait it out, that is fine, however, you will only get $1 in credit if you do that so I honestly would go pay it immediately.

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