mobile messangers, your oppinions and thoughts?

So, with the recent launch of googles allo messenger which is presented like a Whatsapp alternative, something came to my mind.
As we all know, Whatsapp has been around for ages by now and has atracted a huge number of people, I don't know the current statistics, but my last info is that about 900000000 people use the messenger.
After it got bought up by facebook for about 19000000000 dollars, people searched for an alternative and that was the time when messangers like Trema, telegram and all the others came up.
With the facebook messenger there is another potent candidate in the ring and as far as I know, it might overtake Whatsapp in useage numbers, which I guess is also due to facebooks large network and that they excluded messages from their main app, forcing users to use the messenger app.
With the recent launch of Allo, I am wondering, if google might be to late on the market.
I mean we have a lot of bigger and smaller messengers aroun d, Whatsapp and the FB messengers the biggest, and the people who use those Apps throughout their dayly lives already have what they are looking for.
So, I personally think that googles messenger project will go downhil cause I don't think that a lot of people will reorientate to other products when they already have an environment were they are comfortable.
So, what are your thoughts on that matter? Do you agree with me or is there maybe an major point I am missing? I am honestly curious about your thoughts.
Greetings Moritz.

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