Ps4 menu guide. Anyone interested?

Long time ago, I was working on a menu guide for blind and visually impaired people, which would make people able to look up the menu structure of the Playstation 4 user interface, and be able to navigate almost all the menus by following the guide.
Then, as most people here on the forum know, last year, Sony introduced the Text to speech function which reads out most of the menus. Because of that, I dropped the idea of continue making the guide, hoping that all people world wide would be able to use the screenreader. Making such guide will take very long time, since I have very limited access to sighted people, and if the TTS function came anyway, the guide would be close to useless.
Version 4.0 of the firmware for the ps4 has reasonly been released, and Sony still won't let us outside the US use the Text to speech function. I have been in contact with Sony so many times regarding this since the release of the TTS function in the US, and the support center can not do anything about it. The support center in the US will not do anything about it, because they don't do support for people outside the US. My conclusion is that Sony is not interested in letting us outside the US use the Text to speech function.
Because of that, I'm considering to start working on the guide again, that is, if people are interested. Some blind gamers are saying that they don't really need a screenreader on their console, which is of course okay.
So, what do you say. Are you interested in such guide? If yes, then I could use at leased one person from the US who are using the TTS function who can help with menus etc.

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