new Pokemon genoration 7 games may leave blind players in the dust

To all blind pokemon players.
According to gaming site gamexplain; who recently attended a pokemon sun preview event, developer gamefreek has opted to remove the directional
pad as a navigation option in sun and moon.
Now, players must use the circle pad to navigate the game's world.
Aside from that, their is only one speed, all-out running.
This is a problem for us visually impaired people, as the precision of the directional pad allowed us to play the mainstream pokemon games.
The pokemon company is releasing a free sun and moon demo on October 18th, and I'll be downloading it soon after to check out this new method of navigation, and see if it really spells doom for us blind players or not.
I hope it doesn't, as I'm a big pokemon fan, and would still like to play the games.
I have the amazon exclusive stealbook double pack preordered at this time, but I may have to cancel it if my fears are realized.
Hopefully, I 'll be able to post good news here in about a week...

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