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Hi! I've gotten to a point in life where I'm tired of relying on my family and the government for support. Here's where you come in. My brother introduced me to music reviews, and I've written a few. I'd like to make gaming reviews for the audio gaming community and develop my writing skills, eventually working up to earning a profit. I want to earn money on my own terms, and I feel like the conventional employment market doesn't allow me to creatively express my talents. If you're interested, send me an email at 1.kenya.199...@gmail.com, or shoot me a PM. I don't mind working for free, I know it'll take work building my reputation and network, but my ultimate goal is finding employment. I use windows 8, and I'm not acquainted with steam, so I'm limited to games that can run on a regular windows computer. Another reason I'd like to do this is to earn money to purchase a few games, manamon in particular, but also entombed, so if your game's shareware, I hope it has a decent demo. Thanks.

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