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Not sure if this is the right place to post this but here goes...
Come create a world with me. I'm using coffee mud and it is fun and easy to learn. We start with No Mags Land. Mags are magical beings, and as you can tell by the name are not allowed in the city.

This is where it starts:
The city is a place of nirvana and torment. Some thrive in the exclusivity, the properness of it, but beneath the belly of this well establish society there are those who hunger for freedom, for anything anti-monotony. Maybe they like it rough, or soft or not at all. They are the city beneath the City. They live in the margins, the edges of the establishment and some are buried in the very heart of the place.

Mostly, its surface face wear's its party dress. The buildings are well kept, there's a rule about that. The streets are clean, that's another rule. One that people take care not to brake.  Not a bit of trash anywhere. It disguises itself as pride in their home, and maybe for some it is, but for others it is a low grade anxiety always there. A worry that eats away at individuality and encourages compliance. To be compliant, according to the great doctrinism to be the Best Citizen.  And somehow the Best Citizens seem to end up with a few more food credits. Or, rarely, something even more valuable. Most people fear Running out of food since begging is against the law. Generosity has never been a strong point of the City folk. But as the doctrine says, “Be good to the City and it is good to you.”

Until it isn't.

That scrubbed life was spoon fed to the people in the City for generations. And it might have been the same forever, supplies on 1sday, orgasms on 6sday, but on a mild afternoon, very much like every other afternoon, everything changed forever.

Magic came.

It started as a funny breeze smelling of spices and undiscovered things and then the ground shifted. A chasm opened, a vastness deeper then ropes could reach.  One big coughing pit.

Everyone felt it, the ground giving a mighty heave. Buildings cracked open, walls tumbled down and dust rained from the skies.

Eltha, a young girl only 10 High terms old was playing at the end of Avenue C when a gust of hot wind blew her to the ground. It lashed her hair and clothes, one small shoe blowing away down the road. She lay there waiting to see if it would blast her again. When it didn’t she climbed to her feet and stared around at the trash littering the street. There was an old tattered hat, a broken mug with “Go Big Red” on it. A tinderbox and lots of ash. A chunk of rotting meat lay by her foot and she kicked it away, plugging her nose. A small brown furry creature scurried after it and ripped off a hunk, staring at her with beady eyes as it gnawed on the glistening meat.

She didn’t bother to pick up her lost shoe or even scream, just ran home as fast as she could. When she couldn’t stop babbling hysterically they had to sedate her with a nice dose of skullcap.

By the time the City council arrived at the end of Avenue C there was so much strange stuff blowing in it had formed piles, blocking the road.

Everyone had trash duty, hauling the detritus to T Dome for destruction. But, the crap just kept coming, so they built the walls around the spewing chasm, installing huge furnaces nearby so they could dispose of the unwanted garbage more efficiently.

Just when they thought they had everything under control again the Mags, (magical people), started showing up.

Frightened, the City council decided to dispose of them the same way they did the rest of the trash spewing forth. They snuffed them in the furnaces.

Thinking the citizens might not like this particular type of disposal, they tried to keep it a secret, but hiding piles of bodies proved quite difficult and it was quickly discovered by a few curious citizens. They told their families about stacks of dead bodies, small children, women, even elders waiting for the fires and they could not tolerate the disregard of life. After all the doctrine says that life is for the City and if the City is killing it what is left?

The people became restless, suspicious and rumors spread that not all of the snuffed were Mags. They started distrusting their council, ignoring the doctrine and the first thing that went was 9sday, trash and trade. For the first time in many High terms, not including those first days after the spew first blew, there were things Struan about. A scrap of cloth here, a broken box, rotting food containers and anything they no longer wanted. 

In the darkest part of the night the council met and determined that they had to stop the mass snuffing and find a different way to handle the Mags before even more citizens turned against them. Of course there would always be those who believed it best for the City for the Mags to be snuffed, and they believe that to this day, but the majority found it cruel and against the doctrine.
After debating for many hours they created the Welcomers. These brave citizens documented the Mags as they blew in, issuing each one a mark and an ID which they had to produce when ever asked.

As hard as the council tried to maintain control of the City the mayhem the Mags created nearly destroyed it until the High wizard arrived.

Cloaked in mist and frigid air, this Mag walked through the Welcomer trying to explain the ID rule, through the 10 foot stone wall surrounding the Spew and right up Avenue C straight into the High Council chamber.

A clammy fog descended over everything, blanketing the City in a silent shroud.

For a full 9sday it lay thick upon the land. On 1sday it broke apart with a sound of shattering glass, and dissipated like smoke. When it cleared so had most of the Mags, banished into the Nothingness around the City, where they used their skills and spells, chants and backs to create forests, swamps, mountains and secret places where they made their own rules and homes and lives.

So that should have been the end of it, City people on their side and Mags on theirs or, as the Council points out, all around us”, But, it wasn’t.  Love happened, hate occurred, fear escalated, rumors spread, liars whispered and war was born.

And so where are you when the sucking inhale of the Spew catches you? Walking your dog, driving your car? Loving your lovers? Killing someone? It is such a mighty suction that not even science, magic, or worship can explain.  And until they can teach it to spew the other way no one is going back through.

Welcome to Lovers Liars and Thieves. We’ll take anyone.

As you can see there must be surrounding areas created by Mags. If you email me with your area and character idea I can set you up with the building permissions. Somehow it must connect to the city itself in either trade, war, smuggling, crime, ECT. The game is not open for players yet but we can still RP our chars and setup the structure. . On the website you wil have your own blog for your character to talk about what is going on in your area.

You wil make your own laws, objects, even mobs. You can have other players join you in your area as well and setup your own government and clan.

Together we can make this an amazing place to be. port 2222
I am Azrillee on there
Email me:
Eventually there will be characters to slip into,the feature ones that are on the counsil, ETC. In your area you can also create feature chars that players can RP if you like.

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