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I'm happily using Pianobar now. I do still have Hope installed, but I haven't touched it in months. Between Pianobar and the IOS app, I don't really need it. I actually tried the Pandora app from the Windows 10 app store recently. I was not impressed. It had barebones accessibility, which, sadly, is actually still praiseworthy since many apps lack even a modicum of usability, but I could find no way to skip to the next track, adjust the volume, or stop playback, short of closing the app. So I couldn't really recommend it.

I saw an article on Lifehacker earlier urging everyone to stop using desktop apps. I highly doubt that the person who wrote it had any idea what he was saying, in terms of how laughable that looked to anyone who uses a screen reader. Seeing this topic being brought up again made me think about it, however. If that kind of attitude gets spread around before any of the Windows screen readers have a fighting chance to catch up with modern a pp structures, or developers don't actually try to implement the necessary changes in order to make their apps a pleasure to use, we could be in trouble. Not because desktop apps, or older versions of Windows are going away, but because attitudes like that might cause less experienced users to jump ship before it's wise to do so, leading to frustration and a lot of misinformation about what is and isn't accessible.

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