Re: Who is from London

I'm from London, and I'm only here because I'm able to use my parents' rented accommodation while they're away. As has been said already, it's bloody expensive to live anywhere, even in the poorer boroughs (and I'm in the only-slightly-nicer part of one of the poorest, Hackney, in the north and more civilised and multicultural part). I wouldn't leave, at least not just yet, first of all because it's my home, and second because London is undoubtedly a nice place to have nearly instant access to by Tube or bus. I think you're going to be disappointed if you're not otherwise able to live in the city, and it gives me no pleasure saying this, because I'd want everyone living in the city. smile

Yes the politics is excellent--almost a country of its own, really, with the London Assembly voted proportionally and constituted and a decent enough mayor. And, of course, one of the highest Remain-voting areas in the country--I wish we could be spared the consequences of Brexit. Then again, perhaps in five years, thanks to Brexit, all the bankers and other good-for-nothing toffs will have sodded off and the hyper-speculation and money-laundering that goes with them will have resulted in substantial decreases in living costs. But I'm not holding my breath on that score--far better to have a decent national government, if people would only stop being so damned self-interested and vote one in. Then the whole country, and not just London, could benefit. And it needs to benefit because otherwise there will always be this London-envy and neglect of other parts of the country which are perfectly good places to live. Perhaps any potential visitors to this country should wait five years to see how this all plays out before making their move, as things could be very different very soon.

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