Re: Developing a 2D, topdown stealth adventure

I'm not much of a coder, but I can give you things from the user side of things. First off, it will be necessary to know how much noise you're making as you walk around. This should be relatively obvious, if the game supports controllers for instance, the further you push the stick forward, the faster you walk, to move slowly, press it less, and your steps will be quieter. You could also add surfaces like metal which will clang loudly. More importantly is how much you're visible due to light. Are you out in the open, or hidden in the shadows. Some sort of system will need to be implemented that gives you a reasonable estimate of how lit up you are, and if a guard looks your way and you're lit up, he spots you, if you're cloaked in shadow, he might not, depending. A tile browser as already stated too, so you can sort of map out the way in front of you. Make the thing have a limited range, not clip through walls, but able to go through doors to limited extend if the player can see, that might be hard I don't know there. The trick would be determining how far the player can see in side that door from their current vantage, then allowing the tile browser or camera to only go that far. It shouldn't take you into some sort of map screen or anything, at least I don't think so, but pan and grow louder the closer it is to you, and quieter the further it is. You would also have different audio cues to determine how lit up that area is, and maybe a tile indicator. Maybe you could put some sort of convolution effect on the tile sound, and the more convoluted it sounds, the more hidden you would be if you went their, the more open and clean it sounded, the more exposed you would be if you went there. As far as guards go, we could listen to the patterns of their patrols, get the timing in our minds and make our move to sneak past.

I really do hope you manage to pull this off, I think it would be awesome, and I've never played an audiogame with stealth elements, but I have played mainstream games with my limited vision, I could play Splinter Cell, Metal Gear Solid, Syphon Filter and the like.

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