Re: Looking for MOO coders, builders, and ideas!

This is the information we've posted in several places. We are still looking for coders, builders, and people with ideas. We want to know what you like with the currently existing games, what you wish they'd change, but they won't, new features you'd like to see that no one has. Anyone can connect, and let us know if you are there to code, build, or to just give ideas for features, events, changes, etc.
Hello to all and thank you in advance for your attention:

We have a project in the works we would sincerely appreciate your assistance with. for quite some time we have wanted to build a futuristic game set some 150 years from now. We have story ideas, a fairly sizable to-do list which includes a ton of features and content, a myriad of possible plans to generate a modest income, and a ton of desire to continue working toward an end goal that satisfies the reasonable and rational. the end result, we truly believe, can be achieved with your help and devotion. Instead of asking for a monetary donation, however, we're asking for a bit of your time.

While we have 2 spectacular programmers working on our security, account system and other back-end features that have helped get our system up and running more efficiently than we otherwise could have done, we want someone to dedicate themselves to enriching our environment with actual game mechanics and features. At present our system is coded in moo and we'd like to keep it that way. While we currently can't offer you any financial reward for your services, we do hope to be able to do so and believe we can accomplish this as we enter a beta stage. We're being upfront about this aspect in particular, because we want no one to feel like they've been suckered into a scam or cheated somewhere along the way. We desire your time and talents, your understanding, and your generosity, as a group of gamers that want to make a game that blends both old and new concepts, creates a world that is enjoyable, and lives up to high expectations and always keeps giving its fan base more and more.

Given all of the above, we intend to make no profit off of this platform
I can't stress this enough. Any cent earned will first be put to server costs and the like, then to our coders. We walk away with nothing other than the public relations management, dealing with the devil, and encouraging you as much as we can, all the while giving you no time constraint, deadline or unreasonable request. All we want is willing hearts and open minds.

Apart from coders, we also want to take on a team of builders
these would be volunteers who are willing to put together content and drive the story a little further in doing so. there immediate task would include coming up with and building areas which could contain any number of things from non-player characters to shops, to the objects sold in said shops, to heavily described planets with roads and parks and houses and anything else imaginable. If you're a writer and you enjoy the various Sci-Fi worlds or simply want to take a stab at building one, this is your chance, as this part of the game requires no prior coding experience.

If you feel you're who we're looking for, feel free to connect to port 2018 with your mudding client of choice, create an account, and give us a shout! We hope to see you soon, and thank you once again for reading!

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