Re: Prometheus: The Eternal Wars

Without this mess the staff do there, and without them in fact (I know that sounds a bit crazy), the game is pretty itself. Sad that it doesn't have any good staff, even those who were there and left was using their power all the time, as I've experienced, for giving their characters a lot of advantages and the last, before most of them left, there was a military org opening and they were accepting only one race of two. That's, discrimination, in my opinion. I played this game a year and a bit more, and from time to time I return there just because memeries, but I wish there would be a better staff and all. Nothing personal, but what ruined the game was the staff, for every good action there were five provocating ones. Sad, the leaving and returning won't mean anything for those who already knows how's everything there and what's going on there. So the only memeries left, the game could be much more interesting and enjoyable.
P.s. Not blaming anyone, just frownin when seeing another ruins of what previously was something good.

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