Land of Livi* - Lore researching, Gem cutting and legendary item guide

I decided to write  a simple guide for Lore researching, Gem cutting, and upgrading legendary items as they are the most asked about things about Land of Livia.

Lore researching and mini game
Lore items are used to either unlock Legendary journal entries that you have learned in towns, or upgrading Legendary items. The higher the page, the higher the percentage of success when unlocking a legendary journal entry. There are four types of Lore items, Tier 1 - 5% Fragments, Tier 2 - 25% excerpts, Tier 3 - 65% Pages, and Tier 4 - 100% Chapters. Upgrading a legendary item takes the Tier 3 - 65% lore page and a regular item of the same slot type.

There is a lore researching mini game where you can attempt to combine 3 lore items of the same type to create a single item of the next tier upon success. However, if you fail to win the game, all 3 lore items will be destroyed.

I've created a mock mini game to help new players who are unfamiliar with how the game works. Always remember to equip your best lore items, as the higher your lore stat, the more guesses you will be given.

For this game let's assume with lore gear we have 13 guesses and are attempting the easiest of the lore items, 3 Tier 1 - 5% fragmements.

Guess 1 Rune Alpha - Rune Alpha - Rune Alpha - Rune Alpha = 1 Red marker and zero white markers
Guess 2 Rune Beta - Rune Beta - Rune Beta - Rune Beta = zero red markers and zero white markers
Guess 3 Rune Gamma - Rune Gamma - Rune Gamma - Rune Gamma = 1 Red marker and zero white markers
Guess 4 Rune Delta - Rune Delta- Rune Delta - Rune Delta zero red markers and zero white markers
Guess 5 Rune Epsilon - Rune Epsilon - Rune Epsilon - Rune Epsilon = 1 red marker and zero white markers.

From this point we can stop trying to find out which markers are in the solution, as we now can easily see that it contains 1 rune of each of the following - Rune Alpha, Rune Gamma, Rune Epsilon, and by process of elimination we also know it contains Rune Zeta.

To learn where the markers go we now do this. It is important to use a rune that is not in the solution as it will guarantee that you will learn the proper location of a rune after a few guesses. We know the solution does not contain the rune Beta, so that will be the rune we will use.

Guess 6 Rune Alpha - Rune Beta - Rune Beta - Rune Beta = Zero red markers and 1 white marker
Guess 7 Rune Beta - Rune Alpha - Rune Beta - Rune Beta = zero red markers and 1 white marker
Guess 8 Rune Beta - Rune Beta - Rune Alpha - Rune Beta = zero red markers and 1 white marker

We don't need to guess on the final slot with Rune Alpha because we now know it has to go in the 4th and final slot. Continuing on to find the location of Rune Gamma will go like this. Make sure to leave Rune Alpha in the 4th slot, since we want to stumble onto the correct solution if we can, now that we know it goes there and will always show up as 1 red marker.

Guess 9 Rune Gamma - Rune Beta - Rune Beta - Rune Alpha = 1 red marker and 1 white marker

We know that the 1 red marker is Rune Alpha as we already discovered it's location earlier. So from this we can see that if Rune Alpha is the 1 red marker, then Rune Gamma must be the white marker and in the wrong slot.

Guess 10 Rune Beta - Rune Gamma - Rune Beta - Rune Alpha = 1 red marker and 1 white marker.

This tells us the same as above, but by process of elimination we know Rune Gamma goes in slot 3. The last two runes are going to be fairly easy to properly slot because they can only go in one of two orders, and you will now win in two guesses short of human error.

Guess 11 Rune Epsilon - Rune Zeta - Rune Gamma - Rune Alpha = 2 red markers and 2 white markers

We already know Rune Gamma and Rune Alpha are properly placed, so all we need to do now is switch Rune Epsilon with Rune Zeta to win.

Guess 12 Rune Zeta - Rune Epsilon - Rune Gamma - Rune Alpha = 4 red markers anda successful game.

I took one of the most unlucky solutions for this game taking it directly down to the wire. There are of course other methods but this is what I use. This isn't what you always use as there are games in which certain runes can contain more than one of a type in the solution. This may seem to be more difficult, but it actually saves you a guess if that rune is discovered early on that has multiple markers.

I again in no way guarantee this will work for you, and you can even tweek it a bit to work more efficiently, which in many cases is what I do depending on the game. However this was just a very basic demonstration of one method to get used to the game as well as creating your own method.

Gem cutting

Gem cutting is all about reaction, rytyhm and timing.

When gem cutting it is important to note that you shouldn't try to guess and time when the tone will sound to hit it exactly right while using voice over. What I mean is don't sit there and try to anticipate when the tone will chime, pressing cut before you hear the tone, as it will result in negative results. I spent an entire day collecting gold and gems to test which works best and I've found that double tapping is best (confirmed by the developer), as well as hitting the cut button when you hear the tone. Actually, I have had best results when  I hit the cut button a split second after the tone, especially for the first and second cut. I believe this is because the developer said that he took into account of the delay that would occur for voice over users using double tap and if you are too quick you will outpace the delay.

Just like with the mini game be sure to equip your luck gear, as it will slow down the rotation, making it much easier to get a high percentage cut. I would also recommend that you turn on your phone's vibration in the sound section of the settings app, as it is another valuable sensory method you can take advantage of.

You don't have to start cutting as soon as you hear the first tone. That is just the starting point which in turn triggers a tone. This will also happen when you do a cut, the arch will reset to it's starting point and trigger a sound, which again you don't have to cut. You can simply sit there and gather a Rhythm or counting if you prefer of when the time to cut comes around. So for example, you pay 200 gold and you hear a tone. Sit there and listen to it go around for a few times and be ready to take your first cut. Once you perform your first cut it will sound like a double tone because the arch is resetting, but you can again sit there and get the timing, letting it go around a few times. Repeat this until you have all 3 cuts. If you are still having trouble picturing it, it's like you are looking at a giant wheel on it's side with a semi circleular arch hump on  it. You have a button to try to stop the wheel completely between two static vertical markers on the ground. The more of the arch you get between the two markers )percentage), the better the cut.

I personally count between tones, learning the timing before I attempt a cut. Something along the lines of - Tone, two, three, four, five, six, tone, two, three, four, five, six, tone. It is very important to remember that you shouldn't anticipate your cut right on the tone, as as you will almost always be cutting too early.

Lastly I suggested you turn on vibration when cutting, as you can often time your cut near the end of the vibration or directly after the vibration ends depending on how many seconds you have between tones. The speed of the rotation will also increase with each cut and the higher tier of the gem you are attempting to cut. Due to this the timing could be different unless your luck and tier of gem cut attempt are all the same as your previous attempts.

No matter what works for you just remember that it takes a lot of practice over time, and even sighted people often struggle to get a desired cut.

**Special note**
While I suggested using the double tap gesture for best results, this is really only needed if you are unfamiliar with the timing. I've actually switched to using the split tap gesture, as it is more precise a method if you have the timing down for the different speeds each cut takes. I only recommend using the split tap if you have a very good idea of how long post tone you need to press the cut button. I can end up with a 90% cut majority of the time if I am concentrating on the timing without many background distractions as long as I am familiar with the timing.

Upgrading legendary items

As mentioned at the beginning it is possible to upgrade a legendary item by consuming an ordinary item of the same slot type and a Tier 3 - lore page. While it's best to use enchanted items this isn't always possible, so the next best thing is to consume an item that best fits the legendary items bonus it provides.

For example, the Scout's Amulet gives a 15% bonus to both Dex and Luck, so it is recommended to use an item with Dex and luck for best results. A second example is the Ring of Success which gives a bonus of 15% to both Int and luck, so it is recommended to consume an item with both Int and Luck.

The bonuses change from legendary item to legendary item, so it's best to make a note of which stat has an bonus to it when you first acquire a new legendary item. It is also important to remember that not all items can be consumed, even if they are of the same slot type. I believe this is due to the level or stats of the item you are trying to consume are lower than your current legendary item. If you try to consume something and it doesn't show up in the list, chances are it isn't high enough to consume.
**Important Update**

When gem cutting for best results I am now 100% positive that if you use the split tap gesture
and vibration you will get the best results when gem cutting. When cutting the vibration and tone are longer and shorter depending on the speed of the rotation, which makes timing when to cut much, much easier. Time your cut right as you feel the vibration or tone is about to end and you will more than likely end up with a  great cut.  Of course you still need to time it, but by using both vibration and tone, we are giving a pretty good warning on when the right time to cut is at hand.

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