Trouble with code 7 demo


I am trying out code 7 for the db, but I keep getting stuck on the same place in episode zero.
I enable the map and Sam asks me to find her a way past the blockage in the corridor however when I press M I'm asked to add input and have no idea what to type.

I found r030 by basically just hitting letters on the keyboard at random, which apparently was the room Sam was locked in, but I suspect some graphical info is displayed on a map somewhere which I'm missing. It's odd I do recall playing the very early demo back in 2016 but I got past this point so I think I'm probably missing something somewhere.

Also, the game doesn't seem to save at all, though I'm listed as having a save slot and select to continue my game from the main menu, it still just starts me at the beginning.

Any suggestions?

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