good clinics or good eye specialists

Guys, can anyone know good specialists, good vision clinics?
Now I have plans for the Moscow clinic Fedorova or Moscow Eye Microsurgery, but I do not know yet.
Maybe someone knows good options, where many have already helped?
I briefly describe my situation:
In childhood, there was a cataract. It was operated on. Recently was in a military hospital with an ophthalmologist on the recommendation, he told me that because of early intervention, it prevented the development of the eye.
As a result, up to 6 years I saw, but it's bad. After the intervention of doctors from the Kyiv Eye Microsurgery, I lost sight. Kondratenko operated on it.
In the end, I do not see, I only see the light. But the optic nerve is sort of alive.
I was in the USA, in Germany (Sharite), but it was all a long time ago.
Now I'm wondering, maybe someone will be able to tell a good clinic and good specialists.
I'm only interested in those options where someone has already helped.
All sincerely in advance grateful for the answer!

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