Land of Liva Spoilers Legendary item locations

I know not everyone wants to be given the location of the legendary items, but for those who are having trouble here is a list of the legendary items. I've seperated this from my other guide as it contains major spoilers. I am listing everything by chapters, so you don't have to view all the items at once if there is a particular item you wish to read about. The name of the quest is given if the location contains multiple quests.

Again you are about to read spoilers which will reveal the locations of the legendary items

**Major Spoilers****


Scout's Amulet
Location - - - Tropical Jungle
Quest - - - Raid the over grown temple

Ring of Success
Location - - - Snook Mine

Legar's Boots
Location - - - Sea Serpent's Headquarters

Karth's Chisel
Location - - - Tarrock Grasslands (Workshop Key), Ocean Cave

Chapter 1

Barbarius Double Axe
Location - - - Sorgar Marsh
Quest - - - Navigate the western marsh

Mushroom Gloves
Location - - - Hidden Cave and Mushroom Woods
Quests - - - Explore the cave and Trade with the Mushroom Mage

Ring of the Prophet
Location - - - Haunted stream

Explorer's Boots
Location - - - Shrouded Oasis
Quest - - - Fight desert lizards

Chapter 2

Legar's Tricorn Hat
Location - - - Subterrainean Cavern

Unicorn Silk Threads
Location - - - Isolated Sand Bar

Barbarius Harness
Location - - - Mountainous Trail

Karth's Pliers
Location of the three keys - Southern cell block, Path of enlightenment )Focus on the Korish stone), and Treetop Hamlet
Location of family chest and to open family chest - - - Isle of Enlightenment

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