Super egg hunt plus statistics

Hey all!
So, yes, I know that this is like, super random, but I'm just qurious, what's Your super egg hunt stats?
It's ok if you don't want to share them, but for those who want to, please do.
I'm one of those People that are really interested in other Peoples highscores and statistics, so get used to this kind of question from me.
Here are mine.

Super Egg Hunt statistics.
Generated at 21:19 on April 3, 2018

Listed below are how many times you've played each mode.

normal: 21
Classic: 25
Chicken Coop: 91
Minute Rush: 98
Survival: 61
Mixup: 3
Mixup Remix: 4
Hyper Hunt: 26
clocked In: 15
Time Attack: 21
Reverse: 5
Boost Blitz: 100
Nervous Breakdown: 15

Local Highscores:
Listed below are your local highscores for each mode.

normal: 187
Classic: 92
Chicken Coop: 266
Minute Rush: 64
Survival: 276
Mixup: 147
Mixup Remix: 112
Hyper Hunt: 142
clocked In: 84
Time Attack: 262
Reverse: 172
Boost Blitz: 112
Nervous Breakdown: 80

Other statistics:

eggs collected: 35678
Chickens Killed: 1182
Clocks Collected: 2510

Trophies: 64 out of 92.

Thank You
Manic Monday
You're a quitter
Personal high score
No beak for you
Rest in pieces
Blast from the past
Really Happy Liam
Super chicken
60 minutes
Practice Practice Practice
Cheap plug
wings anyone?
Welcome to the jungle
83 and a third
Rock around the clock
You spin me right round
Eye of the Tiger
Remix this
Egg Hunting after midnight
Beak buffet
Fast motion
Something's foul
Down to the wire
Chicken Nuggets
What time is it
Pay attention!
Quick feet
Time attack
Prank Caller
to beak or not to beak
What the hell did he say
15 minutes of lame
Give me a boost
8 second ride
Shane broke it
Gotta hunt eggs on Friday
Three's a crowd
Nerves of steel
All aboard
You managed to beat Jammin Jerry at Nervous Breakdown
Take a Chill Pill
Egg trotter
How did you do that?
Stuck in the past
Killing time
10000 strong
Phearsome Philip
Shannon's Seal of approval
Time flys
Panic attack
You're not so mixed up
Beta tester beatdown
Run a marathon
Not quite enough

Yeah, as you can see here, I love some game modes, and hate others. Hahaha.
My favorite mode is chicken Coop. What's Yours?

Happy egg hunting,

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