Re: Why most kids prefer and care about online games? A topic to discuss

Hello everyone. Finally I'm back to replying it was a long time away from I have been playing games like Redspot and such, but hey I think each time we grow up we gain more maturity. I took off my hands from those games.
Because it is like someone telling you come on I have sugar for you, that sugar will be sweet for a few days, but when you learn the game, which is the sugar, it becomes salt. Because there is no fair controll, especially if the developer doesn't mature or comprehend the suggestions, or the things that are being talked about.
Please refer to with age comes mindless stupidity on and I will quote you some of the interesting things that need to be said. Note that I am not going to be responsible for any outline badlanguage if there'll be any.
Someone though might tell me why do you bring this here if it is not your opinion? Well shortly I'll tell you if I believe in something which someone else has said then it becomes my opinion too.
"I know this post is going to piss off people, more than likely allot of people. If you are a teenager, I’m fully expecting you to get upset. This is not my intention however, as I am actually not saying anything bad about teens, rather my intent is to highlight how people are acting because of their politics. As will be normal for these rants, you can expect a few sections. First a ranty part, then a perspective after stepping back and detaching my emotions, followed by a conclusion."
"I was a Teenager earlier in my life. A big secret that everyone has seemingly managed to forget. Every current adult of every age was also a teenager, and every one of them can remember what it was like. I will go more into this later as this is completely mind boggling for me.
Most importantly, I am not writing this because of the current topic which started this whole rant. If you read this and think it is because of gun ownership and the issues surrounding it then you are simply using that as an excuse to ignore what I’m saying because of your political stance. I can separate the two, if you can’t then that is your issue not mine. There is a difference between using something as an example to illustrate something, and blindly backing a political ideal just because it aligns with your personal beliefs."
"Everyone is fully aware of the horrendous shooting at Parkland High school, and the discussion which has grown out of it involving guns, access to them, types of guns, and everything else. No one is questioning that the kids at the school went through a horrible experience, and everyone feels terrible for what happened. I have to say this because without a doubt some fucking dip shit will say I don’t care about the kids and the families who have suffered because of what this disgusting garbage human did. The resulting discussion is perfectly fine, reform is fine, but what is not fine is everyone drinking a giant glass of cool-aid and suddenly pretending that teenagers as a whole are the most mature and smartest age group in the world. I honestly can’t even believe that this has to be said, but guess what, teenagers aren’t. Can someone in high school have good ideas? Sure. Can someone in high school be politically or socially active? Sure. Does this mean teenagers are acting like adults and adults are acting like children? Shit no. How can I be so sure about this? I have never met someone who lives life wishing they were as smart and mature as they were in high school, and always regretting how stupid they have become as they get older and experience more of the world."
"The most well accepted known thing about a teen is how they always believe they are right, even when they are clearly wrong about something. I’m not even talking about some brainless hormonal zombie who can only think about getting their genitals in contact with another brainless hormonal zombie’s genitals. Even the most level headed teen is still a teen, and guess what, their brains aren’t fully developed for another 7 g-d years after they graduate from high school. Has every adult blocked out their late teenage years? I know I haven’t, and because of that this is completely fucking mind blowing to me how everyone can insist that teenagers are the brightest group of humans on planet Earth. Tell me, why didn’t they allow the kids to fix the Virginia teachers union strike? I mean, it effected them more than anyone else, shouldn’t the kids have been the ones being interviewed and picked to fix the problem? Of course not, who in their right mind would of done that. But wait a minute, it is okay if it is another topic, one that has a group of very vocal kids who align perfectly with another group’s views? The test for this is really quite simple. Ask yourself, if all these kids were standing up for the opposite stance, would everyone be jumping on board with them as much? Somehow I very highly doubt it, and if you think I’m wrong then I would be forced to believe you are simply lying to yourself."
"Step back for a damn second and forget this whole damn gun debate, and if you still think teenagers are everything great and wise then you are simply wrong. There honestly isn’t anything else to say, it isn’t my opinion, it is just a fact of life and the world. I think it is now time to take a deep breath and talk about this in a more reasonable way."
"It all boils down to one simple thing. If someone makes a good point whether they are 15, 25, 35, or 95 agree with that idea, but extending their idea to everyone of that age group is unreasonable. It is also important to realize that experiencing a traumatic event does not make someone an expert on politics regarding that event. Don’t go and confuse this with saying a opinion or belief cannot be held, rather that it does not make one an expert. This is true not for the current situations, but all situations, just ask yourself if everyone was on a side you didn’t agree with if you would still stand up for them and say they were smarter and more mature.
If you agree with the ideas of someone then why does their age matter? Just say you agree with them, but putting them on a pedestal just because they are getting attention for their ideas is not the proper way to approach it. It is just absurd to me to assert teens are the same as adults, when science clearly says this is false. If someone claims global warming is false people say they are denying science, but the same does not apply to this situation even though it should."
"I’m sorry if you are a high schooler and reading this, I’m honestly not trying to shit on you even though you may feel that way. I’ve actually tried really hard to pick how I phrase this post as to not give that impression. We were all teenagers, and some may remember those times better than others. Because I was so politically active at a young age I remember how set in my ways I was, how I felt like everyone who didn’t agree was just blind to the truth of it all. I couldn’t imagine ever changing because I was just so right about everything and I knew it on a deep deep level. It turns out I was a raging idiot and really didn’t know anything. A secret of campaigns, they love the young volunteers for that exact reason. They are super set in their ways,and full of energy when it comes to working towards those beliefs. This makes them perfect little energetic brainless followers of a candidate, and they love young people who they don’t have to pay and who will work their ass off. If you are upset with me then I can’t really apologize, cause I promise in 10 years if you remember reading this you’ll have a light bulb moment as every adult has had and realize you were borderline crazy in high school. You’ll hopefully never want to go back to being that way again after you have grown and developed as a person."
P.s, I'm again not responsible for the strong language, or any offensive attack towards a teenager, this is the truth if you don't want it simply get over it. This is a discussion which I thank Muhammad Hajjar for, and it's not for curing hormonal nerves, it's a wise discussion for expressive in depth thoughts.

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