Re: Tascam DP32-SD

I bought one a few years back but didn't get much luck. Admittedly, I didn't dedicate much time to trying to learn it, but found it a bit too much trouble than I expected. I was quite disappointed, since I grew up using the Tascam multi track recorders, but the one I had growing up had a lot more physical controls on the interface than the newer DP32. For example, the old one I had essentially had a full channel strip with EQ and pan controls for each track, whereas the DP32 only has a set of faders and the input gain knobs, if I remember correctly. Clearing out a lot of my old gear, and hoping to give the DP32 another shot before I decide on whether or not to sell it, and would be happy to share anything I learn once I get around to it. Good luck!

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