Luna Stories Development Release

Hello Everyone,
So today and in the future i will be using this topic while developing Luna Stories.
The builds and changelog can be found below.

Right now i do not have a homepage or host for the files so i will use a free upload server.
This topic is ment for development and testing.
Also you are welcome to post suggestions and so on.

The download link is in the bottom of this post in case you are looking for it.

Game Information:
Luna Stories is a 3d Binaural Audio Game.
This means you need to play it with headphones on.
The game is based on a story i have written a while ago.
The story is in progress in the game and not complete at all.
Since this is development it will take a while.

What can you do right now ?
You can walk around in the game.
You can test more sounds by turning on the radio in the Start area you begin in.
When entering the cabin you are not able to leave it.
This is because of the story line and plot.
In the cabin you can turn on and off the tv.
In the start area you can also pickup a key near the start location.
And use this key on the gate in that same map.

Since again this is development there are things enabled that the public version will not.
For example when you run into a object you hear the position where your body hits it.
Things like this are enabled for testing purposes.
So lets move on to the completed features.

Physics Engine.
Interaction Examine, Pickup, Turn on and off, open and close etc.
Object collission
Binaural engine.
Compas system.
Map system.
Inventory system.
Damage system.
User interfaces : Menus and so on.
Trigger system: Used for player teleportation, spawning of enemy's combining items and so on.

In progress:
Currently i am mostly working on the story line.
And the rooms in game.
So basically just game content.
Since most of the engine is done.

Please do note that there are still bugs in game again development reasons as you can imagine.
I am still working on the final touches on the binaural system.
For example when you are near a wall the reverb rolloff and so on will change dynamiccaly.

Simpley download the zip file, and extract it.
When extracted open the folder and go to the installation folder.
Then install the Net frameworks provided.

Then open up luna stories and play.

I am also still working on documentation for both controls and development.
However i will describe some  important things below.

Use the W and S key on the keyboard to navigate the menus in the game.
And enter to confirm your selection.
There are a lot of keys to use but i will only describe the keyboard below for now.

Use the mouse to rotation yourself and look up and down.

Move Forward: W
Move Backward: S
Step Left: A
Step Right: D
Run: Hold Left Shift
Crouch: Hold Left CTRL
Jump: SpaceBar
Compas: C
Map: M
Inventory: I
Pause Menu: P
Interacting: E
Pickup: E
Item indicator and object finder: F ( Select on the map a target first).
R: Coordinates development purposes only.
Turn On or Offf or Open Close: Right Mouse Click

This topic right now is a bit messy but that is because i am working on the documentation which will save a lot of room typing it double here.
So eventually everythhing will be in documentation.

I am still looking for voice acting :
Female voice that can impress a small childs voice.
Deep voices for several demons / entity's in the game.
So if you want to help me .


Download link:

The download link will be updated from time to time so will the change log.
When my own website is available i will be providing a well documented and proper download section for the open source engine and the build versions.

The open source that i will provide when i am further in development is programmed in C#
using the OPENTK Toolkit.
And also FMOD system.
Then using the Oculus Spatializer for binaural sounds.

I will clean up this topic later as i am in a hurry.
Sorry for the messy topic right now.

Enjoy testing.
Just remember  there is not a lot to do in game but this way you can test the sound engine and realism.
So dont expect to be playing a game but testing out what can be done.


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