Luna Stories Development Release A 3d Binaural Audio Horror Game

Hello Everyone,

Introduction To Luna Stories:
Luna Stories is going to be a 3d Binaural Audio Horror Game.
The aim of the project is trying to make a extremely immersive audio game.
This means that all the little details would have to match real life Physics and sound.

The story:
I do not want to spoil any story line yet.
As the intention is to have the player experience it in their own ways.
But i will let you know a little bit of it.
You are Elyssa.
A young 6 year old girl, that lost her father.
But how did this happen and where are you?
The Engine:
Audio Sphere is my own game engine build from scratch.
The engine has highly detailed configurations.
So anyone withouth programming knowledge can build their own 3d binaural audio game.
The engine will be open source once i finish Luna Stories Chapter 1: The Crimson Stone.

What language is Audio Sphere:
The engine is programmed in C Sharp.
I have used the following library's for ease of use.
OpenTK: For Multiple purposes including user input and openGL.
FMOD: This is a port from c++ to c# for audio engine purposes.
Oculus Spatializer: For binaural audio purposes.
.NET Framework 4.6.1: For mathmetical purposes i have used this version.

Below you can read the Engine status.
Completed Functionality:
TTS Engine: Supports Windows Default, Jaws, NVDA.
Physics Engine: Movement , Jumping, Crouching, Rotation, And Character States.
Audio Engine: Using the Binaural system and modifying its values for realistic sound  in 3d.
Object Collision: Character and objects can block movement and change the collision state.
Dynamic Weather: The weather system includes Rain, Thunder, Wind these values can be set to None, Light, Medium, Heavy and changes dynamicaly.
For example: When you have no roof above you the rain sounds directly on your head, but with a wooden roof you can hear it hit the roof.
The same goes for the floor types, Sand, Water, Concrete and so on.
Item System: Combining, Picking Up, Dropping, Equipping, Using.
Inventory system: Where you can interact with the items you have.
Map System: You can select points on the map once selected pressing the F key will make a sound direct you to its location.
Compas System: Pressing C will open the compas, when rotating the player it will tell you the direction.
Trigger System: Triggers are used for special events in the current map.
For example: Warp a player to location, Turn on and off a switch, Open or close object and so on.
Interface: Use W and S to navigate trough them the menu's are Main, Options, Pause and so on.
Attack System: For attacking , Damage, Defense and related.

In progress:
The engine is always in progress.
Small or major things could be added.
And i have not listed everything above because it is a lot to say.

Dynamic Engine:
The engine i have programmed was with in mind that it has to be easy to create a game with.
So for example the movement system has auto detection of floor type, envirement type and related.
If for example you choose a map to have Grass as floor the foot step sounds will be those of walking in the grass.
If the area is very small there will be almost no rever to it.
And the sounds used for those footsteps can be simply replaced in the data folder for your own liking.
These are highly detailed features another example would be.
When you walk into a object the sound of walking into it can be customised so each object make their own sound and your character as well.
There are way more details in the engine, but those will be in the Developers guide which will be included and worked on every update that i make.

What to expect in the future?
The project is free and will be open source in the future.
As stated before the language is C Sharp.
I will give some levels of support for other developers but i cannot make promises on how much support i can give.
Due to having a lot of things going on in life as well.

Yes the project is free i have no wish to make money of it.

Do i need help?
Yes i am looking for voice actors.
To make this game immersive Text to speech wont cut it.
I am looking for the following.

Female voice actress: Main character Elyssa.
Male Voice Actor: Main Character (Father) .
Both male and female voices for the Demons / Entity's in the game.

What can you expect right now fomr the game?
There is not much to play in the game.
Becuase its a development release.
This is for testing the engine and capabilities.
Meaning, Testing the 3d sound, The actions you can do and so on.
So do not expect to play a game right now.
Expect just a small sandbox with functions to test.

You can test:
The start location contains a radio which you can turn on and off.
You can use this to test the binaural sound.
You can find a key on the map to unlock the gate in top of the map.
Also when you have the key you can use the inventory system to see those functionalities.
You can also hear the dynamic weather system.
And in the cabin once you enter it, you cannot leave it.
This is ment for the story plot line.
In the cabin you can turn on and off a television for now.
And of course hear different types of sounds for movement.

Note: i have not finished all sounds for the footsteps those will be added upon updates.

Installing the game:
You can download the game below:

When you finish the download simply unzip the zip file.
Then go to the installation folder and install the .NEt Framework included.

Once that is done open up Luna Stories and give it a go.

As you can imagine the game has a lot of controls please read below for the main controls.
The documentation will be updated in the game folder as well.

Use W or S for browsing the menus , and enter to confirm the selected menu item.
When ingame use the mouse for character rotation, looking up and down.
You can open close, turn off and on objects using the right mouse button.

Walk Forward: W
Walk BAckwards: S
Step Left: A
Step Right: D
Jump: SpaceBAr
Run: Left Shift
Crouch: Left CTRL
Inventory: I
Compas: C
F: Find Target Object on map.
Map: M (Used for selecting object).
Pause Menu: P
Interact: E (Describes object and used for picking up items).

The game pad is also partially programmed.
But i need to work on the details for it.
So i will not include the configuration for it.
But you will be able to use your Playstation, Xbox, Or Other Game pads for playing as well.

No information yet.

Current Released
version: 0.1.1 Development build.

Final Words.
If you wish to help me on this project or talk to me for questions.
My email is

Kind Regards,

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