Re: Monthly chat November 2019

@Mirage, thanks, my lady would appreciate that.
The cat cafe was nice, albeit we've learned  next time we go, we insist on staying down stairs, because we got stuck on the first floor, and I suspect most of the cats who like talking to people stay downstairs.
That being said, there was a lovely pale ginger maine coon cat called Heethcliff who I got very fond of, who just lay there rather the way Crookshanks is described in the Hp books "like a furry ginger cushion" and wanted to be stroked big_smile.

Well I admit things are even less fun now. Reever my guide dog had to go to the vets yesterday since she's had a swelling on her ear and the vet decided that trying to get it down by surgery  was better than trying tablets. This means she's got her ear bandaged and one of those rubber inflatable collars (it looks  like the rubber rings kids have in swimming baths), to stop her scratching it.

So I've now got an unwell dog as well, and all last night wound up sleeping on the sofa since she's very groggy from the anaesthetics and probably can't manage the stairs, so I alternated playing  until I was too tired to think), and sleeping with occasionally checking she's okay.

It was also great fun getting to and from the vets yesterday, since while it's only a ten minute walk, its impossible due to some ridiculously stupid road crossing so I need to get a taxi.
This would be fine (its not far so costs very little), accept that yesterday evening therre was a flood warning in effect and the traffic was ridiculously insane! so my quarter to four taxi didn't show up until close to twenty five past, then as for getting back, the company claimed I hadn't made a booking at all, which is sort of a joke.

Luckily a very nice engineer who was having his puppy seen  to gave me a lift back anyway, though that didn't make an already difficult situation any easier.

I've got to take Reever back to the vets today to have her bandages off, and I'm  she'll feel better, since she's very much not herself, which will also make getting to my lady's chemo sort of interesting, since Reever probably wo't be working now for at least a week, though since we still don't know when exactly my lady's first Chemo is we can't really plan anything round it. Actually my lady would like to get started since she doesn't like the thing looming over her.

Apart from that, as people who've seen  the topic in general game discussion will know, I've restarted Manamon 1, which isn't going badly.
I've tried a couple of muds, but I just don't seem to be in my stride mudding wise, not since a recent cosmic rage kick, though I did have a brief look at esteria which looks good, albeit lack of ability to know what quests will get you killed was mildly frustrating.

I've not tried venture zone global, the writeup looked a little too coorporate for my taste, indeed the next major Ios game I'm looking forward to is Galactic colonies when the accessibility mode is fixed, I've already played through several bits of crafting kingdom and path of adventure whilst waiting in hospitals, plus my lady rather enjoys cooperating on the word builder part of gameworld, her being a language nut.

So things aren't exactly great over here right now.

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