Grossest Housecleaning Mishaps

Hi, all,

On a completely different angle from all the copyright business I've been carrying on about lately, here's something different.

Sometimes, housecleaning can be a weird, gross or even alarming prospect, particularly if the house is old, or if certain areas aren't as well tended as others. So, in the interest of peculiar stories and such, I ask you: what is the grossest or strangest thing you've encountered while cleaning your house?

I'll start.
Trigger warning: this is really, really nasty, or at least it was for me, and probably will be for some of you. And it just happened, so to be quite honest I'm still a bit weirded out over this.

A couple of days ago, I started noticing a weird smell around my bathroom and bedroom. My bathroom window was wide open, so at first I thought the smell must bec coming in from outside. I am not a slob, but I'm not an absolute neatnik either. I thought the chances of finding out that the smell was coming from inside my own home were quite low.
Well, today I went into my bedroom to open the windows. It's warm outside and I wanted the breeze. While crossing to the far corner of my room, I noticed that the smell got worse, and I knew then what the likely cause was.
I got a pair of rubber gloves and one of those little pooper-scooper bags (I keep a bunch handy, they're useful for cat litter), and tracked the bad smell to behind a wall-unit, where I found a dead mouse. I'd found one dead mouse the year before - my cat brought it straight to me like it was a toy - and that was plenty freaky enough. This one had obviously been dead for a bit, because the smell, once I moved the wall-unit, was pretty ripe. Wearing gloves, I bagged it, but just as I was grabbing it, the fucking thing burst. I don't know if maybe I squeezed it with my gloved fingertips or something, or if it had been there long enough for gases to build up, but suffice it to say that I was mortified. I almost threw up right there. Thankfully, nothing got on my skin or anything. I dumped what was in the bag down my toilet, flushed it twice, put the bag into another pooper-scooper bag, tied it shut, threw it away, cleaned my toilet, and took my trash out. Then I cleaned the ever-loving  hell out of the carpet back behind the wall-unit and used a little carpet freshener. The smell is gone, the mouse is gone, all trace of it seems gone, but ugh. My skin is still crawling.

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