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> ronnie
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Hi Ronnie!

And when you've done the Otex trip, a nice hot soak in a whirlpool bath
followed by a careful alignment of your head with the neck jets is a
great way to do a DIY ear syringe (it's a lot gentler than getting some
busy nurse to do it, lol... ).  ;)

I have an Allsop lens cleaner with a number of sound check tests on it &
I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I could still hear the
highest note on the sweep test - it comes on immediately after the nice
lady stops talking, so it's definitely the top one. It doesn't say
exactly how high it is, but I would guess around 16kHz, it's a very high
whistle. All the frequencies came out at the same subjective volume
except a low one which was louder. I imagine that one hit the resonant
frequency between my concrete floor & concrete ceiling about 8' above:
so my next project is to make some stands for my subwoofers to decouple
them from the floor! Btw, I'm 63 now & had expected my HF hearing to
have gone the way of all flesh by now...

Clean ears is definitely the way to go if you want clean sound!

Dave  :cool:

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