On Sat 07 Aug 2010 17:16 +0300, Netanel Shine wrote:
> Hey there, i was working on translating the AUR to my language, Hebrew.
> I am adding to this message the gzipped patched file.
> btw.
> i know his name lame, but i think he will work just fine.

Ah yeah something went wrong with your commit message.
Just glancing at the translation real quick I notice one error

> +$_t["Confirm your e-mail address:"] = "netanelsh...@gmail.com";

That message should be translated rather than putting your actual email.
If you're using the translation tool, there are a lot of strings that it
won't pick up as well (it's buggy), so test your translation with your
running copy of the AUR to see if you missed anything.

Cheers and thanks for your contributions.

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