When Loui say he want "What I'd really like to see is people
running their own AUR, either taking the code or reimplementing it and
creating custom repos."

just want to know what the main reason for that? what the advantage ?

2010/8/10 Ng Oon-Ee <ngoo...@gmail.com>

> On Mon, 2010-08-09 at 22:52 -0400, Loui Chang wrote:
> > It would be really nice if I could have a partner to work on and
> > administer the AUR with, but it seems that no one in the Arch community
> > really has enough initiative or time or expertise. I even feel myself
> > lacking in those. That or I'm doing a super fantastic job. :D
> I do believe the 'fantastic job' factors in somewhat. I've never even
> thought about the underlying 'how the AUR works' question, since it
> 'just works' for me. Thanks.

Netanel Shine

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