On 22/09, Alad Wenter wrote:
JSON from the RPC interface seems to not contain a terminating newline,
regardless of version or type specified. I am curious if there is a
particular reason for this, as the POSIX standard defines text files to
contain lines with terminating newlines. [1] [2]

This is more noticeable when merging the resulting files to a valid JSON
structure, e.g. to display the union of various search results. As a
comparison, journalctl - json does terminate lines with a newline.

The RPC just returns whatever json_encode gave it, and doesn't do anything manual to the data returned. (And they're not actually files at any stage, so what POSIX wants doesn't matter much. ;))

Anyway, we could definitely add it, but every json tool should definitely be able to handle them as it is. Examples of ones that don't?

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