I've stopped using Arch ever since I've switched to GuixSD[1] (a
functional-oriented distribution focusing on reproducible builds and
completely custimizable in Guile Scheme) and it's now quite clear that
there will be no coming back.

My involvement in this new project and in others (Emacs, Next
Browser[2]) takes a lot more time than what I can afford into
maintaining my Arch packages.

I have a bunch of out-of-date packages in [community]:

- emms
- qutebrowser
- udiskie
- uncrustify

Other [community] packages:

- catdvi
- ccrypt
- dtach
- fzf
- gtypist
- mu (A user requested that we built msg2pdf as part of the package)
- pdfjs (optional for qutebrowser)
- pstotext
- python-keyutils (required by udiskie)
- python-pypeg2 (require by qutebrowser)
- tcc
- trash-cli
- xcape
- xss-lock

And on the AUR:


I hope the Arch community keeps up with the good work!


[1] https://www.gnu.org/software/guix/
[2] http://next-browser.com/

Pierre Neidhardt

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