Le 16/02/2017 à 08:50, Bartłomiej Piotrowski a écrit :

> On 2017-02-16 01:28, Bruno Pagani via aur-requests wrote:
>> Le 15/02/2017 à 11:08, not...@aur.archlinux.org a écrit :
>>> Request #7332 has been accepted automatically by the Arch User
>>> Repository package request system:
>>> The user Dragonlord deleted the package.
>> Please read comments in the package before acting… We we’re planning a
>> merge in toggledesktop-bin, which was the right move here I think.
>> As a matter of fact, claudiodangelis answered me 4 minutes before the
>> deletion, so I didn’t get any chance to read his message.
>> Regards,
>> Bruno
> The exact purpose of this mailing list is to raise any concerns about
> requests. And I really think there are more important things about AUR
> than number of votes lost due to the removal; the package is still in
> git and just invisible in aurweb.
> Bartłomiej

Yes, and I now make use of this list while eventually adding some more
recipients; this was one of the first PRQ that happened after my
promotion and I admit having failed in that way. Note however that
discussions on aur-requests miss a thing: every other users involved in
the package than the maintainer. And for that matter comments on the
packages are the only sensible thing, so they should always be checked.

Also, my concern was not really about votes, it’s about notifications of
the users: when a package is deleted, notifications subscriptions are
discarded and the users only get notified of deletion without even
knowing why (granted, they can then go to the aur-requests archives, but
that’s sub-optimal), while when merging notifications subscriptions are
transferred and (I think that, not sure if I remember well) users get
notified of a merge instead of pure deletion.

Anyway, no one died because of this…


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